Ai am sorry to state, children, though some of my work has been changed, and by that destroyed, by evil people. And, aI cannot check it all, you know. Ai have a lot posted, on internet. The poems in this collection aI have read through before posting, and hopefully the poems are all right when you read. Have fun exploring! And if there is something which makes you uneasy; tell your father or your mother about it. God bless you!

1. Attitude

Are you not realistic, for sunshine you pray
when you wake up to see a too much rainy day,
when the darkness surrounds you, and feeling you get
today you will be terribly, hopelessly wet!

And perhaps realistic you are not at all.
Maybe you say to heaven, consider it call!
And perhaps into morning you you ramble and run
for to see what it says, in good mood by the fun!

2. Being a chief

What you know, children, is that if you are a chief,
those who follow you must have in you some belief.
And to follow must be like a matter of choice,
not a matter of pleasing a quite scary voice.

When the adult is stupid, he thinks he is fine
if he can put the other in pit or in line.
And for certain it is that if chief is like that
there is no point of charity he will reach at.

3. Being fine

,” okey … We can do it that many a way.
And we know, since we do so whenever we play.
Maybe some of those adults should learn to be child
and deliver the ways of the totally wild.

Quite for certain is this, that if one is quite blind
one will nothing achieve of the view and the mind.
The Lord Jesus did tell us, and He loves the child.
And is not tolerating that thing to be styled.

4. Being salt of the earth

For to become subsistence,
one must be set apart.
So, let us make acquaintance,
and make, not do, the art!

So, let us be together
and feel we are like that
the upper and the nether
are strengthened by, when at!